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Round cut, Heart cut, Emerald cut, Princess cut, Pear cut, Cushion cut, Marquise cut, Oval cut, Asscher cut, Pink round cut and Small size loose moissanite stones

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Image and video explanation

Dear buyer :

Because our pictures and videos are all taken in real products by our factory, We are not a professional photography team, there are very few PS (Photoshop), so it doesn't look so delicate, it looks a bit simple, but the quality of our factory's products is top, I even think the real products are more shiny and prettier than pictures.

Questions and Answers

1. Question: is this real moissanite?
Answer: YES! it is, we can promise 100% real moissanite stones.
It is TOP quality, It is very difficult to distinguish these moissanite and natural diamond with the untrained eyes

2. Question: Is this a real diamond?
Answer: No, this is lab grown moissanite.

3. Question: Is there a certificate?
Answer: Yes, the moissanite from 0.3ct – 10ct have a GRA certificate.
0.3ct and 0.4ct are too small to engrave.
the 0.1ct, 0.2ct, do not have a GRA certificate.

4. Question: Do you accept custom-made and OEM service?
Answer: Yes ( with your design, shape, size, packaging, etc. )

5. Question: Why choose us?
Answer: Because as the original factory, we have strict inspection and professional classification of moissanite, and we are confident that our quality represents the best craftsmanship in the market.

Double detection

The new generation Singapore PRESIDIUM Multi tester III is more than $350 and the test results are more accurate and authoritative.

1.Each moissanite stone 100% positive pass the diamond tester 2, show as diamond.

2.Each moissanite stone can pass the Singapore diamond tester 3, show as moissanite.

3.With GRA Certificate.



Stone Size: 3mm to 14mm
Stone Weight: 0.1ct to 10.0ct
Heart& Arrow: 8 Hearts 8 Arrows
Stone Shape: Brilliant Round
Stone Cut: Excellent Cut
Stone Color: D Color
Stone Clarity: VVS1


Moissanite Refractive Index — 2.65, 2.42 (Natural Diamond)
Moissanite Dispersion — 0.104, 0.044 (Natural Diamond)
Moissanite Luster — 20.40%, 17.20% (Natural Diamond)
Moissanite Hardness on Moh's Scale — 9.25 of 10,Can Not be Scuffed Easily
Guarantee — Test Positive in Thermal Tester & Life Time Brilliance
Durability — Impervious to Heat & Chemic
Authoritative– Making Pass Diamond test

Packaging Include

1* D color Moissanite stone
1* Small gemstones box
1* GRA Certificate

Top factory, Top quality, Top cut, affordable price, and high percentage of repeat customers

2022-08-16, This Germany customer bought 3ctx2pcs, 2ctx4pcs, 0.8ctx4pcs,totally 10 piece to check the quality.

2022-9-13 answer very well package and good product, want to ask more about the pear shape and marquise cut moissanites.

Buyers Reviews

Waist code match the GRA certificate

The 0.1ct, 0.2ct, 0.3ct and 0.4ct are too small to engrave.


8 hearts 8 arrows

Real photos without PS

In stock

Shipped out within 12-48 hours

Switzerland SGS Certification

Our company has got the SGS certification since 20 Oct 2020.

Test Report No. CANEC20 17427501

We are not resale traders, we are top verified factory supplier

We undertake large quantities of OEM orders and custom orders, Welcome Inquiry, feel free to send us a message.

Moissanite Cutting Methods

There are 12 common cutting methods, If you are interested, please visit our store or contact us.

Colorful Moissanite

If you are interested, please visit our store or contact us.

Moissanite VS Natural Diamonds

The chemical formula of moissanite is : SiC
The chemical formula of Natural Diamond is : C

1. Moissanite is an ideal substitute for natural diamonds, and it is very difficult for non-professionals to distinguish them with the naked eye, especially if it is less than 3 carats, a professional diamond tester must be used.

2. Moissanite is as sparkling and hard as real diamonds, it's perfect for pendant, stud, engagement ring, they are synonymous with elegance.

Moissanite VS Cubic Zircon

The chemical formula of Cubic Zircon ( "High Carbon Diamond'' ) is : ZrO2
It is a cheap and common imitation diamond.
1. The biggest disadvantage is that the Mohs' scale of hardness is relatively low, so it is easy to wear, loses luster quickly.

2. Because of the low density, so it feels very cheap and looks like a glass.

Quality Assurance

Customer orders from all over the world, very professional export business, strong team, better service, higher quality, can meet the needs of each customer, faster shipping, 24 hours online, more inquiries, can Contact customer service and look forward to hearing from you. THANK YOU


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